Long gone are the day when mixing prints were a no no, in this new era of fashion and style print mixing is the new cool. Pairing plaid and floral or stripes and polka dots is a fresh way to incorporate more styles and look into your wardrobe

The most essential thing to remember when you’re mixing prints is that the prints should have at least one color in common. Repeating colors is the way to help prints complement each other instead of clashing, once you can follow this rule, then you are on your way to mixing your prints like a pro




Breakup Prints With Solids

Sometimes two prints that would otherwise clash need something solid to break them up. Choose a solid color that matches both prints and feature it prominently in between the prints, rather than having the prints layered on top of one another. This gives the eye a chance to rest instead of jumping back and forth between busy prints.



Pair Prints With Same Dormant Colors

Chose to wear two prints with the same dominant colour. Doing this makes two completely different print pair of perfectly




Pair Prints of Different  Size

Having prints in a range of sizes creates visual harmony. When you have too many prints in the same size, your outfit could end up looking all over the place or busy.  considered prints in terms of their sizes,  mix match larger prints with smaller ones.



Stripes and Animal Prints

Mixing stripes and animal prints is always a good idea, but make sure the prints don’t clash by making sure you have at least one colour harmony to bring the look in. here lisa has chosen the colour white, this balances the overall appearance of the prints and keeps them from being too overwhelming.



Match Similar Prints

Prints that are similar in scale but come in slightly different colors can layer beautifully. This is a great way to mix prints if you’re after a more conservative, monochrome look that works as well in the office as it does on a weekend.


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